Don’t Be Afraid Of Lung Cancer

This is the story of my journey with Lung Cancer, from waking up completely normally, to suddenly getting pains when I breathed in, to going to hospital and staying in for five days, CT scans, a biopsy, being diagnosed with Lung Cancer. More scans, then a terminal diagnosis, and my battle to recovery with so much love and support from all my family and friends.

This is me with my celebration cake ‘Dad 1 – Cancer 0’ after my scan showed the cancer in my bones was dying off and the tumour had started to shrink. A great day!

My wife Sonia and me on Southend Pier, on one of our walks from Leigh on Sea to the end of the pier and back, only 9 miles. A nice break from chemo, with the added bonus of seeing seals at the end of the pier, we’d been coming here for nearly thirty years and never seen a seal here before, they must come here in the winter.

Here I am having my second session of chemo, with sore eyes from the first session, chemo drys your skin and the inside of your eye lids can get dry giving you sore eyes, I got drops for this on this visit.

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