Measles!!!!! Four nations lose Eradication Status. Lucky them!

Now this is something that gets me going, Measles, they thought they had irradiated it from the UK, and the WHO, (World Health Organisation) are trying to irradiate it worldwide. Why??? I’ve just heard on the news today 29/08/19, that they think there is 90,000 cases in the UK, and three other countries have lost their ‘Eradication Status’, Albania, Greece and The Czech Republic being the others. They’ll all be better places for it.

This drives me mad, measles isn’t the problem, the lack of nutrition is! And knowledge!!!! And common sense!!!!!!!!

Now why you might say does it bother me so much that they’re trying to irradiate a simple virus, what’s it got to do with me? Well let me tell you, nature is very finely balanced and when you take something out, even with good intensions, something else will take its place. Now a bit of background to this. I have lung cancer and have taken an interest in things of a health nature, and came across a magazine called ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’, and in the first edition I got July 2019 (£1.00 for the first three editions), it had a letter about the MMR vaccine, and how a Professor Exley’s research linking aluminum in vaccines to autism, and his funding was being withdrawn, someone doesn’t want anyone to know about that, you might not purchase their drugs or vaccines if you knew.

But it also had an article on Measles in their Last Word section at the back of the magazine, and this is the basis for this rant about people thinking they’re god and deciding to try and get rid of this or that, without any thought for the knock on effect of that. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So be careful for what you wish for. Now in this article on Measles it stated that (my blood is boiling while I’m writing this) :- ‘Researchers at the Mayo clinic have discovered that the measles virus kills cancer’, an engineered form of the virus, and at extremely high doses, but a woman was cured of terminal cancer after chemo and stem cell transplants had failed to do anything.

The ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ website, so much eye opening information on here.

And again I quote from this article :- ‘Within five minutes of getting the infusion, she developed a splitting headache and a fever of 105F(40C), and then vomited and shook violently. But 36 hours later, a golf ball sized tumour on her forehead had vanished. All traces of cancer had completely disappeared from her body two weeks later.’

AAAARRRRRHHH I want to scream at these people who think they’re doing good but they’re just making it worse, the MMR vaccine is linked to autism, so don’t vaccinate, measles is proven to help against cancer, so don’t try and get rid of it, measles is a virus that helps develop your immune system, so lets all have measles. It’s a deficiency in vitamin A, as it says in this article it’s about nutrition not vaccination. When is the world going to wake up to this, so much money is made from drugs to treat all sorts of minor ailments and yet natures way is so much better, in 1904 a physician noted that two cases of leukaemia had been reversed after the patients developed influenza. Trust in nature and it will look after you, but you have to look after nature, and as a human race we are failing miserably on that one.

If you remove something from nature, something will take its place, and not always good, so leave it as you found it. When I was young, cancer was rare and autism was unheard of, but now so many have both, they’ve come from somewhere, nature will always look after itself and will be here a lot longer than humans. A healthy child needs to develop a healthy immune system by getting these ailments and recovering and becoming stronger for it, as it says nutrition is the important thing, as with my case, I went vegan, just a change of diet, and five months later after a terminal diagnosis, and six sessions of palliative chemo, my cancer is dormant and has been for six months now. The future is bright for me, and it would be nice if the future could be bright for all the children and to grow up with a healthy immune system, by getting measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox, all the things we all had when we were young.

A great offer from What The Doctors Don’t Tell You. Even just going on their website you can learn so much about what’s really not good for you, despite it being in every day things. A definite eye opener.

‘What The Doctors Don’t Tell You’ is a magazine I came across by accident, and thought three editions for £1.00, you can’t go wrong, and there’s so much in there, even how to treat pets naturally, you can find more at and the articles I quoted are on the website, one of them was a letter, so I doubt that would be on there, but that was from July 2019 edition, also the Last Word about measles was from the same edition. The thing I also like about this magazine is that nothing is put in there without the references from where the writer got there information from, so it’s not just someones opinion, they got their info from somewhere, and you can find out where and have a look yourself. When I worked in Basildon Hospital as a porter I spoke to a trainee nurse who I knew, and she was telling me how you have to answer questions and for example if a question was ‘what colour is grass?’ You can’t just say my lawn is green. You have to reference it by saying ‘in the encyclopaedia on chapter 6 page 7 paragraph 3, it states grass is green’. And that’s how this magazine is, everything can be referenced, and researched to see if it’s correct, I haven’t tried this yet but will at some point. But I highly recommend this magazine, and their trial is a no brainer, £1 for three editions, you can’t go wrong. I’m not on any commission or anything like that, it’s just so good. But be warned it can get you going though, I’ve written this blog because of what I’ve read in here, and hearing the latest news, you can get quite wound up with it, and passionate about certain subjects. Cancer is my passion at the moment, and hoping to help some people realise their diagnosis isn’t a death sentence, and I get wound up by this sort of thing in the news, this wasn’t a planned blog, it just got me so annoyed to hear it I had to write and tell you, I’m calming down now, blogging is good therapy, so take care get measles, it won’t last long, and will make you stronger, and I’ll keep spreading the word ‘Don’t be afraid of lung cancer.’

A nice picture of me with my Dads dog Leo, another cancer fighter, a nice calming photo to end this little rant.

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